Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Live and acoustic with McHaLo

Tonight marked the second night of tracking for acoustic trio McHaLo, which takes their multi-cased name from its three members: Grant McClintock, Brian Haan, and Regan Long. While the last session saw them laying down a hip, smooth cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya," tonight they dove into one of their originals, a jangly, mandolin-flecked tune in 3/4 time called "Saint". (To this engineer's ears, it recalled a bit of The Band, The Rolling Stones, and/or Counting Crows.)

Below are a few shots from the session, taken by Mr. McClintock.

Regan and Brian listen to a playback.

Producer/engineer Gabriel Harley making some fine adjustments.

Grant's view for most of the evening, from the vocal booth.
(The honey was for his not-pictured cuppa.)

Screen shot of the tune (tracked live except for one extra percussion
track and one backing vocal.)

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