Monday, February 1, 2016

Our Latest Addition

The S/L40 in its new home!
This afternoon, we finished wiring in the latest addition to the Perfect Mix Sonic Arsenal... an awesome, clean, and transparent-sounding 40 input recording console! Developed by Carvin in the mid-1990s, the S/L40 is super flexible and packed with a TON of professional features. Most importantly, it sounds GREAT!

We owe a HUGE thank you to engineer Scott Rainey, owner of The Hit Department studios, for hooking us up and even delivering the console personally.  This board has already made a LOT of great records in its time... now it's ready to make a lot more!


  1. What ever happened to The Hit Department? My friends recorded there several years ago. (No1Zero)

    1. Hi, Tim-- As it so happens, we're in the process of merging The Hit Department with Perfect Mix. Scott Rainey (Hit Department owner) will be running our "Studio B" suite.