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Studio A Control Room

Studio B Control Room

Tracking Room

Tracking room, looking into isolation booth

Isolation / vocal booth

All set up for voiceovers and vocals!

Producer and bassist Lyman Medeiros (Michael Bublé, Steve Tyrell,
Diane Schuur) makes notes in preparation for a session. 
Drummer Kevin Hood  (Cootie Brown, Mars or the Moon) tunes up.

Kristen Tribby Cook (Gas Can Sisters, Gabriel Harley Band)
gets in the spirit for a vocal take.

Renowned electric violinist Cathy Morris lays down
a guide track for her latest album.

Surf-Punk band Werewolf With A Shotgun laying down their debut EP.

Live mobile recording session for the Smedt/Hanan/Teng jazz trio in Los Gatos, California.

Drummer Amy Fishburn (Charge for Chairs, Villa-Fishburn)
listens to a playback.