"Your studio set-up was great.  It was really comfortable, too.  I was really glad I talked [collaborator  Jason Webley] into going to your studio.  It would be fun to do some more stuff!"
-- Josh "Rev." Peyton (Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band), album client

MAD respect to Gabriel Harley & the crew [at Perfect Mix]!!! We're working on several music projects (1990's 8-track remastering & new studio recordings), and I have to say: they are hitting it out of the park! Glad to have the amazing support..."
--Grant McClintock (McHaLo band, solo artist), album and mastering client

"Thank you so much for everything. You have been so awesome to us, and your input and expertise made our songs shine. We are so freaking excited!"
--Melissa Davis (Werewolf with a Shotgun), album client

“This is damn cool.  Seriously... [this project] exceeds my expectation.  So pleased with every aspect in the recording and mixing process.”
--Greg Weber (Charge for Chairs band), album client

“Comfortable recording environment with great results. Worked on many projects [at Perfect Mix] and always walked out with a fantastic product.”
--Ryan Williams (solo artist / Playboy Psychonauts band), studio bassist, author, and album client

"Very knowledgeable, very easy to work with, and provides superior service at a very reasonable price."
--Austin "DJ Serious Bizness" Fincher, hip hop producer and album client

"Thank you sooooo much having us to your studio yesterday. What an incredible experience.  Thank you for the tea and the stellar ideas."
--Regan Long (McHaLo), album client